Saturday June 7, 2014

Northwest News: Alex Strangler & Melissa Fusco Up Next!

Coming up this week in our ever growing guest artist roster will be not only one, but two lovely and talented guest artists! Alex Strangler will be here June 12-14 and Melissa Fusco will be here June 13-15 and they want to tattoo YOU! That's right, you. Melissa will be heading to Oregon from Colorado and loves floral designs such as this beautiful piece below.

Alex will be heading here from California where she spends her days tattooing awesome traditional influenced designs saturated with bold bright colors such as the image below.

Give us a call or stop by the shop to set up an appointment before the spots fill up! With talent like this you don't want to miss this opportunity!!!

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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