Sunday May 11, 2014

New England News: We Want to Give You FREE TATTOOS!

Business is BOOMING here at Off the Map Tattoo which is of course, an AWESOME thing! Between our super talented, diverse resident artists and the plethora of Guest Artists that make stops here from all over the world, we certainly can't complain about all of the custom art our clients are being adorned with. The only major speed bump we've come to along this path is that we unfortunately haven't been reaching out to the masses as regularly as we would like to. Our clients and fans are the reason we are so busy and able to create thousands of quality tattoos for our supporters. While we are so grateful for the referrals our clients make, and the overall glowing references the general word of mouth sends to folks; we know how important it is to get out there visually, to potential clients that may not be aware that world class tattooing is an option for them right here locally, at home! 

We are looking to bring our street team DREAM TEAM back to life and we want to give you FREE TATTOOS for helping us out! Who doesn't want free tattoos!? The general workings are as such that our Dream Team members post flyers, leave postcards, mini magazines, stickers and other promotional materials at there favorite local hot spots, campuses, gyms, salons, cafes, etc. Take some pictures on that smarty pants phone of yours to show us your hard work, and we'll give you gift certificates to Off the Map Tattoo! Easy Peazy! 

Besides flyering, being a part of our street team DREAM TEAM could mean attending tons of fun local events while representing Off the Map Tattoo. Everything from local music festivals to community charity events. Sounds great, right? All you have to do to sign up is email Please make sure to include you name, phone number and a sentence or two telling us why you love Off the Map. We look forward to welcoming all of our new dream teamers! 

*Street Team Dream Team members must be at least 18 years old*

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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