Tuesday April 22, 2014

New England News: Kristina Bennett Joining the Staff Full Time!

We couldn't be more excited to recruit our newest transplant, Kristina Bennett, who will be joining us full time mid July! While Kristina, is a bit of a gypsy and stuggles to define where she's "from" she's been on the west coast for quite a while now, and is excited to get a taste of east coast living!

Kristina has already taken a strong liking to our clients (how could she not) especially the way they have fun ideas and let her take creative freedom, like the above piece where the client has a few flowers she wanted to add onto. This geometric snowflake was another client who gave Kristina some loose ideas and let her roll with them! 

We are also thrilled that Kristina is going to be able to offer some killer custom script. For those of you who don't want just any old font, Kristina will create something unique and creative! We have to make sure we get her a "Massachusetts" tattoo to do!

Kristina will be back from June 8-16 for her last guest spot before landing here mid July! If you'd like to book for June, or when she's here permanently we're taking appointments immediately!

Make sure you shoot her an email and welcome her to the team!

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