Sunday March 30, 2014

New England News: Once Again, We Welcome Matt Stebly to the Studio!

Matt Stebly returns to Off the Map on the east coast! We are super pumped to welcome our friend Matt back to the studio for another guest spot. Matt has exploded into the tattoo world with his colorful, fun, creative take on tattooing. Matt loves tackling nautical themed tattoos as seen in this little ship in a bottle tattoo he did.

Matt is also a fan of doing really cool bug tattoos! A handful of us Off the Mappers have collected some pretty rad insects by Matt over the years.

Throw some geometric flair into your idea and Matt will take it from there!

His lucky clients are left with amazing pieces of creative art that they'll love for a lifetime. Stebly will be gracing us with his tattooing talent from April 2nd through April 9th. Lucky for you, he still has a few appointments up for grabs but don't snooze on snagging one because they'll surely get booked up fast! If you didn't get the gist from the previous photo, Matt makes some especially bad ass bird tattoos too!

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