Sunday March 9, 2014

New England News: Spring into Inspiration!

We're slowly but surely inching towards Springtime here in New England and we couldn't be happier to welcome the warmer temperatures, sunshine and growth! Spring is a motivating time to consider how to bring renewal and inspiration to the forefront of your mind. Perhaps you have plans to live healthier; be it through a new hobby, healthier eating habits and exercise, a new career, or planting a garden. Maybe through treating yourself to a new piece of art? We may not be able to physically plant a new garden for you but we can certainly help with some of those other ideas! Getting tattooed can have a different meaning for everyone but many collectors make it their hobby of sorts in collecting these stunning artworks. Art that they will carry with them forever. Keeping with the theme of Spring and growth, did you know that our artists LOVE creating floral inspired tattoos? The awesome thing about these designs is that they can really vary to suite anyone's tastes and style preferences. From your traditionally inspired pieces like these flowers created by Frank Ready,

to more realistic interpretations like this yellow rose by resident artist Matt Driscoll.

You can go for bolder "new school" floral tattoos like this beauty created by the talented Tim Senecal.

Maybe a floral tattoo approached with a more abstract vision like Joe King did here, is your flavor.

But hey, sometimes colorful tattoos aren't for everyone. No worries, we've got you covered! Black and grey tattoos are timeless and are always sure to please. Max Rothert designed this beautiful cala lily for one of his lucky clients.

Really, when it comes to nature and floral inspired tattoo designs, the sky is the limit! We would love to help you welcome the new season with a new tattoo you can wear with pride and joy. And hey, for all of you out there with so called "black thumbs"? Come on in and let us help create a unique tattooed "garden" for you that you'll have a hard time killing! 


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