Monday February 17, 2014

Northwest News: Good Times going down at the Derek Noble workshop

Hello everyone,


We are super stoked that Derek Noble from Dark Age Tattoo has come down to Off The Map Tattoo (northwest) to do his first ever Water Color workshop. We would like to give a big thank you to the 33 people who attended this fun event as it was a blast. (still going as this is being written). It is awesome when you get a bunch of really amazing tattooers gathered in one room to create some awesome tattoo inspired art. This event has tattoo tradition flying all around the rooom which is making for a really cool vibe. Below are some pictures that have been shot so far during today's event. Last but not least we would like to say Thank You to Derek Noble himself. Derek will follow up today's event with a two day Guest Spot here at Off The Map Tattoo (northwest) so if you are interested in getting a tattoo get in touch. Also a big thanks to Unicycle Brand for making this event happen. 




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