Thursday February 6, 2014

Northwest News: A Word From Northwest Resident Artist Canyon Webb

Constant Development


    Wow, I cant believe I've worked in Grants Pass for the past 2 years.. Its been the longest and shortest 2 years of my life. I left a great group of tattooers at Reno Tattoo and they are all my little brothers for life, giving real support even though i left for a better opportunity. Very grateful for that and what I have learned from them.





NOW at Off the Map Tattoo there is an overwhelming number of amazing guest artists that have rolled through and  I still feel so undeserving of such an amazing place to witness these rolling stones raise the bar daily.







 Its been a real test, as one of my friends in Reno said to me before i left "If this isn't a turning point for you i don't know what is". Yes I've made some major adjustments to my mentality and tattooing, and i feel my design message is becoming stronger and more recognizable. It has been the bane of my time here at Off the map tattoo northwest. I cant help but ask my self these questions,"Where do i fit in?" "What do i Have to offer?" "Can i measure up?".I came into this position with an equal amount of confidence and low self- esteem, friends and family happy for me and complete strangers sending me hate mail because of my proximity to Jeff Gogue, Jealous rants and even the occasional guest artist that would tell me how "how lucky i am" and "it must be nice" A super confusing head space for me to deal with, especially while trying to impress my mentor Jeff Gogue and my East Coast compadres. Being the first hire for the NW shop had a huge set of disadvantages i wasn't expecting. Turning a virtually closed private shop into a welcoming new tattoo experience with a focus on quality.. Not something people are used to in Grants Pass Oregon. Giving people in Southern Oregon an opportunity to walk in to a high end tattoo shop and get a great tattoo. I can see the change and feel the overall consciousness change. More new clients come in with a higher degree of what to expect. So many people in this sleepy little old town have collectively excepted our shop as a staple to there community. Its an undeniable gem in this area weather you appreciate tattoos or not. More tolerance, and demand for a better experience.  

I'm so proud of what my co workers have accomplished. Turning a pre existing shop into a new experience for new client and new areas of Southern Oregon!!



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