Wednesday March 14, 2007

Laser tattoo removal and editing coming to New England next week!

Jack Morton of RethinkYourInk is coming to western mass March 23-25th. We have gotten a few tattoos lasered by Jack, one of the best laser removal specialists in the nation, and are ecstatic by the results of the treatments. Jack is immersed in the tattoo world, and doesn't punish his clients pocketbook. Cost of Laser Treatments: $100 - $400. Telling your mother you can fix all those mistakes she said you couldn't fix... priceless Ha. In any event, call (413) 527-6574 to secure an appointment, or walk in with your friends as treatments dont take long and unless 30 people a day show up he will have time to treat your crappy tattoo!

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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