Friday January 24, 2014

New England News: Joe King Time Lapse Tattoos

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This video chronicles the final session of two large tattoo projects. First is Patricia's lower leg half sleeve of two Japanese inspired koi fish with stylized water lilies. Done in several sittings over the coarse of last year this final pass was mostly focused on strengthening the outline, solidifying any solid black areas, and adding the splash around the knee. I've really enjoyed this tattoo and I love how the under water koi on the inside of the leg turned out!





Second is Mike's USA themed full sleeve. Like the previous tattoo, Mike's final pass was primarily about line weight and solidifying black. Since large work takes such a long time to complete, a session of balancing a sleeve can help insure the tattoo ages evenly. After an hour or so of building up lines I reevaluated the background density to help push the images forward and add a greater density to the overall sleeve.
I'm honestly really sad to see these pieces end! Patricia and Mike gave me a lot of freedom to be myself in the designs and were infinitely patient with the process. I couldn't have asked for better clients!




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