Monday January 13, 2014

Northwest News: Jon Highland has arrived and will be Guest Spotting for tomorrow's Sailor Jerry Birthday Bash

Hello everyone,


We are very excited about tomorrow's SAILOR JERRY BIRTHDAY BASH event going on at Off The Map Tattoo (northwest). In addition to our Resident Artist: Canyon Webb, Mr. Jones and Jen Godfrey tattooing will be our special event Guest Artist: Jon Highland owner of 12 Monkeys Tattoo in California. This is one event that is sure not to be missed.....Getting a piece of tattoo history on you for the low-down total price of $57.00. ($50 tattoo + $7.00 minimum tip).


Last week we posted one of the pre-selected flash sheets that was compiled by Jen Godfrey and now we have recieved the one that was compiled by Canyon Webb. So below you will find both of the sheets that are available to choose from. Please keep in mind that the size and color schemes will remain the same to keep them true to the tradition as they are done just how they were done from SAILOR JERRY himself and pulled right from his flash books. 








We are super stoked to be doing this event and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow as you are getting  a piece of tattoo history on you. 



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