Friday January 10, 2014

Italy News: Grand Opening Party March 21

In a world where quality and longevity seem to be things of the past it is so refreshing to see the continuing growth and success of Off The Map Tattoos. This is a studio name that brings with it a reputation for artistic excellence and is now spreading its wings into Europe, namely Italy.

March 21st this year sees the opening weekend of Off the Map Tattoos Italy, which boosts an impressive set of residential artists, including the king of colour portraiture; Alex De Pase (tattoo pictured below). Along side Alex you will find Massimo De Pase, Michele Pitacco and Antons Feduns. A selection of artists that bring something different to the tattoo table. In addition to the residential artists, OTM Italy already has a massive line up of international, award-winning artists all chomping at the bit to come and guest and share their collective knowledge in the studio.

Opening Party and Launch weekend - 21st March 2014- RSVP HERE

Joining Alex for the weekend is an artist line-up second to none, including Jeff Gogue (tattoo pictured below) who has worked closely with Gabe from Off the Map Tattoos and Alex to bring this new studio into being.

Coming to Italy for the weekend, you will see such international artists as Bez and David Corden from the UK, Thomas Kynst, Oleg Turyanskiy, Nate Beavers, Tom Strom, Juan Salgado, Matteo Pasqualin, Remis, Nathan Kostechko and Ralf Nonnweiler to name but a few. Check out the video for the full line up!

Over the weekend of 20-22nd March there will be various seminars, talks and discusion groups, hosted by Jeff Gogue and Alex De Pase in addition to the tattooing. There will also be be a combined talk on business, promotion and management within the tattoo industry by Gabe and Mary from OTM. Aaron, who recently redesigned will be there to offer TattooNOW consultations for those wishing to have a bespoke website designed and managed.

Tom Strom and Kynst are hoping to find a client to collaborate a tattoo on over the weekend of the opening. I am sure given the skill of these guys they will have no difficulty finding that client.

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