Tuesday January 7, 2014

New England News: Time is Running Out to be Tattooed by Johnny Smith!


            It’s a sad time for us but a happy time for Oregon. In March, we lose a great artist, comedian, and a good friend! Johnny Smith will be leaving our Easthampton location March 15 only to rejoin his Oregon brethren full time on April 1st. We still have a few spots left but as time moves on they fill ever so quickly! Give us a call to get in here before he leaves.

            We’re gonna miss you Scarlet Brohansen! Bummed your going to miss him? Short on cash? Fear not boys and girls! Johnny will be making a death defying appearance again at the Easthampton location from July 17 to the 31! We will welcome him with open arms.

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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