Tuesday December 10, 2013

New England & Northwest News: Johnny Smith Transferring Back to Oregon

Depending on what coast you're on, this may come as good, or bad news to you, but one of our awesome full time artists Johnny Smith has made the decision to move back to our Grants Pass, OR location after a year with us in Easthampton, MA. We were glad we could snag him for the time we did, but at heart, Johnny is a West Coast guy, and is missing his friends and family and the town he's grown to call home. Lucky for us, since we have our second location in OR, that means we get to keep Johnny in the Off the Map family!

Johnny will be continuing at our MA location through mid March, and he will be starting back in OR April 1. We are taking appointments for both starting immediately. Johnny will be coming back to our MA location frequently for guest spots, so don't fret East Coasters, there will continue to be opportunity to get tattooed by Johnny at both locations. If you would like to get something tattooed by him before he leaves for OR, we would suggest call at 413-527-6574 sooner than later to secure your spot, as we're sure once the news spread his schedule will fill up quite quickly.

Transitions like this are always bittersweet, and it's always hard to have artists move away, but the fact that Johnny is staying within the company certainly makes the change much easier! We know his Oregon clients have missed him, and he will be welcome back with open arms!

If you would like to book with Johnny at either studio, give us a call!

MA- 413-527-6574

OR- 541-244-1141


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