Friday May 22, 2015

New England News: Tomorrow is Walk in Saturday with the illustrious JOE KING!

Do you have extra time off this weekend for memorial day? Well hop on the walk in train!

This upcoming Saturday May 23, show up bright and early and celebrate walk in Saturday with the magnificent Joe King!

Remember tattoo fans, walk in Saturday is a first come first serve kinda day so try and be here bright and early before we open at 11 or you may miss out! We want tattoos to me small, single shot tattoos, so try and keep em' simple! No in progres pieces please. If your not first in line, we can sign you up and take a small deposit of $50 to hold the next spot available for you. See you Saturday tattoo friends!

Thursday May 21, 2015

Northwest News: Three Year Party Tomorrow Night

Join us tomorrow night Friday May 22nd for our three year celebration.  Food, drink, music, and giveaway's. Celebration starts at seven and of course is open to the public.  This will be a great opportunity to get to know our artists and staff.  See you all tomorrow night!

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