Thursday July 24, 2014

Northwest News:August Raffle!

Starting August first Off the Map Tattoo Northwest will be selling raffle tickets!  We have begun a raffle to support our local schools art departments.  All month long we will be selling tickets at our local northwest shop.  Each ticket is only one dollar and there is no limit to how many times you can enter.  We are giving away a sweet $300 gift certificate.  Absolutely all proceeds will be donated.  Don't miss your chance to help support a great cause right here in our local community.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

New England News: August: Part Deux!

Ok you've waited long enough people of the internet! The next lineup of August artist is as follows!

First up, from August 13th through the 17th, John Sundara!

Next in line August 18th through the 23rd, Dave Koenig! (He tattoos severed hands, no biggie)


August 20th to the 22nd (wow 2 days?!?! He must not like us) Jeff Barnard!

Aubrey is coming back! Give it up for Miss Mennella August 23 to September 1st!

And finally, to finish off the month August 27th to the 30th, Lalo Yunda!

Man August is loaded! Call us up and get those tattoodles, you know you want 'em! Stay awesome possum!

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