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Scotty Munster
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Q.Where do you work?

A. I work in St. Cloud, MN(about an hour from Minneapolis) at Olde Town Tattoo.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. I currently charge $125/hr

Q. How do I make an appointment with you?

A. Email is best. Send me an idea of what you want so I can make sure it is something that I can help you with. Try to send some specifics so I have a clear idea, or if you want me to just "have fun" with it, state that as well. Keep in mind that all tattooers are NOT alike, so I try to take on the projects that best suit my stlye of tattooing.....more or less, if you are not envisioning your new tattoo to look simular in style to the rest of my work, you may have the wrong artist. After we agree on the tattoo I will have you call to set up the appointment. I am typically booked for about a month or so in advance.

Q. How can I make an appointment with you at a convention?

A. Just emeil me about a month or so before the show....rem. the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I get a lot of requests, and it's always the ones that stay persistant, and bug me a lil that get the appointments. I respond to everyone, but at times I will forget something if you get in contact with me too far in advance.

Thanks for the interest in my work!


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All appointments require a minimum of a $50 non-refundable deposit. We require 72 hours notice for rescheduling for deposits to be transferable, deposits are otherwise forfeited.

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While many make the claim, Off the Map Tattoo truly attracts the worlds best tattooers. Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Tom Strom, Yang Zhuo, Oleg, Stefano, and many more notable tattooers make stops here, much to the delight of Massachusetts tattoo fans. Indeed tattoo collectors often travel in from far and wide to get tattooed here. Off the Map Tattoo prides itself on being extremely clean, Health Educators host their tattoo bloodbourne pathogens seminar here regularly, and every artist uses disposable supplies. Off the Map Tattoo hosts many advanced tattooing seminars at the studio, and once a year hosts a world famous tattoo convention, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Of course, we cater to all sorts of tattoo fans, as our shop minimum is $100 and tattoo rates start at $125 an hour. Please browse through the site, learn about custom tattoos and our tattoo artists, read get the perfect tattoo, email with any questions, and stop in to talk about your next tattoo.

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