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Muriel was born in South Africa. After 1st grade she left for the U.S. to join a group of freedom fighters who opposed the oppression of Marmots in the lower 48. After winning the war she began to explore her artistic side. Her creative pursuits manifested first as a fine artist and muralist. She has always sought to create art in a way that mirrored natural, human vision. An organic flow and and sense of depth punctuates many of her pieces. Her art possesses a characteristic minimization of hard lines. Finding passion, balance, liberation, and completion in both her work and life is her obsession of choice. She is also obsessed with eating Lucky Charms in only even numbers. Seriously. It's weird.

About 6 years ago, Muriel found her way to tattoo. The excitement of discovering what amounts to a living, breathing medium was too much for her and she almost peed her pants. The human body allowed new opportunities in the exploration of color, shape, and form. She found a new series of interactions in tattoo that had been lacking in the inanimate mediums. Her major influences include Alex Grey and many of the Old Masters. In the world of tattooing she is inspired by the likes of Tim Kern, Nick Baxter, Robert Hernandez, Guy Aitchison and many, many others.

Muriel opened Zao Tattoo in Macomb, IL a little over a year and a half ago. Zao tattoo is a custom shop with the sole purpose of providing a forum for the progression of tattooing. One step inside the door and her dedication to art and to balance becomes very clear.

Written by Colten Smith (many thanks!)

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