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Feburary 9 11 Guy and Jeff Winter Extravangza Live


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There are limited seats for the live (at Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass) edition of 

Guy Aitchison WEBINAR: Optimizing your use of value and color - Feb 10 Noon


Size doesn't matter. Hand tattoo webinar with Jeff Gogue - Feb 11 Noon

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February 10, 2014 Noon PST 

Making tattoos stronger, clearer and more readable is a high priority for many tattooists. In this webinar Guy will show ways of increaesing graphic contrast in both the design and execution of a piece. Starting with layout and stencilling, then following with a live tattoo demonstration focused on the subject of contrast, this class will show you everything Guy knows on the subject of strengthening your work. Student questions will be answered during the webinar.

Guy Aitchison Tattoo Back


Size doesn't matter… Hand tattoo webinar with Jeff Gogue

February 11, 2014 Noon PST WEBINAR (for live event - click here)

Whether I am laying bout a full back piece, a sleeve, a leg, a head or a hand, I focus on the entire "canvas". Whatever it may be. I use proven tools of design and flow to create a successful piece of art. Sometime we overlook the fundamentals in our efforts to do something new and exciting but truth be told, Do what you know works and get good at it and the excitement will follow in other ways. We will consider transition, size, placement, and keys to make an intriguing, pleasing, insightful piece of work.

During this webinar Jeff Gogue will be tattooing Guy Aitchison's hand while explaining his thoughts and answering your questions from the chat room. 

jeff gogue hand tattoo
jeff gogue hand tattoo
jeff gogue hand tattoo

February 17 Derek Noble Water Color Workshop

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Derek Noble will be doing a "Water Color" workshop at Off The Map Tattoo (northwest) in February 2014. The event is being put on by Jeff Gogue's (Unicycle Brand) in conjunction with Off The Map Tattoo. Enrollment for this event is available through We would encourage everyone to register early since this workshop is sure to sell out quickly. In addition to the workshop Derek will be Guest Spotting at the shop for two days following the event. Booking for tattoo events is being handled directly through Derek which you can contact hiim at: We look forward to seeing you all at the workshop. 

When: February 17, 2014

Where: Off The Map Tattoo (northwest)



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