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Global Realistic Tattoo Summit July 9 to 11 2017

Global Realistic Tattoo Summit

Sponsoerd in part by immortal prime


Sunday July 9th - Black and Grey Masterclass

11:00 - 11:30
Check in 

Inspirational Kickoff talk

12 - 6
Black and Grey Masterclass with Ralf, Bob Tyrrell and Matteo Pasqualin.
Join three black and grey masters as they each explain their techniques, and work on a collaborative tattoo during the workshop. This is your chance to not only hear how these tattooers work, but ask your questions while you see each practice their process in real time. Webinar avialable.

8 - 9:30
Realist Critique - A panel of realism experts will critique attending artists work. 


Black and Grey Masterclass

Monday July 10th - Color Animal Tattooing Seminar with Remis

12:30 - 1
Check in

1 - 7
Remis's realistic color animal tattoo seminar and demonstration. Remis explains his process of tattooing realistic animals in color. During the seminar he will show his technics how to do realistic animals. Remis will present the following: What materials to use, how to select right picture, stencil preparation, where to place tattoo for right position and ext. Watch and ask your questions while he tattoos live.  Webinar avialable
Color Animal Realism Seminar
8 - ?
Off The Map Live Interviews with drawing night.

Tuesday July 11th - Techniques

10 - 12:30
Steve Butcher - realism and detail application seminar
This seminar focuses on my techniques in approaching a colour realism piece and the the ins and outs of my process. I'll talk about the key things that create the foundation of a colour realism piece. Ill also cover the way I apply detail and the use of layers within tattooing. This is a very beneficial seminar for beginners and professionals alike. (no webinar)Steve Butcher Seminar
2 - 7
Sarah Miller Skintones in female portraiture   Seminar with demonstration.

Course Goals

• Seminar will involve a 6 hour practical demonstration where techniques will be discussed involving the use of larger needle groupings vs. smaller, color choices to achieve smooth transitions in skin texture, color contrast and the ability to make a portrait have depth and longevity.

• Focus on blending realistic skin tones

• Primary demo will only use colors from the World Famous Valhalla Ink Set

• Questions will be accepted throughout the demo


In Person Ticket purchase includes:

• One (1) set of World Famous Ink (Sarah Miller’s Valhalla Portrait Set)

• Raffle Entry for One (1) FK Irons machine (one artist to be selected to receive machine at the end of the seminar as raffle)

• After Inked care package

• FK Irons Care Package

• Discount for any purchase from FK Irons

Online Webinar only: $200

• Discount code for any FK Irons purchase

• Discount Code for World Famous Ink (Sarah Miller’s Valhalla Portrait Set)

In person attendees receive her ink set. Webinar avialable
Sarah Miller Seminar8 - 8:30 : Closing talk

Hosted by Off the Map and Ralf Nonnwieler. From July 9th to the 11th. Ten of the worlds most talented realists will converge at Off The Map Tattoo in Easthampton Massachusetts. The event will be filled with seminars, collaborations, inspiration, amazing people, and world class tattooing. We have been webcasting these events to hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

Confirmed are Bob Tyrrell, Steve Butcher, Sarah Miller, Stefano Alcantara, Remis, Matteo Pasqualin, Sam Ford, David Corden, Yomico, Oleg Turyanskiy, and Ralf Nonnwieler.

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

Off the Map LIVE is webcast every Monday from Off the Map in Easthampton Massachusetts! Check out past episodes on our YouTube channel, and visit for more info.

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