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Seminar day with Lady Sara Emy B and Rachel Gonzalez April 23

Seminar day! Join us at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton MA for a day of seminars, and an evening of fun. 

9:30-10 Registration

10-12 Lines and feelings in eternal moments - Lady Sara $50

Lady Sarah SeminarHave all the tattoos a meaning?
Yes , always.
But people look at me, all scrawled, and think it is not possible that all tattoo have a story.
I don't want this from the tattoos that I create; when you see one of my tattoos immediately think: This tattoo tells a story.
Learn how to create an abstract avant-garde composition and to create emotions.
Then I will explain my pratical and technical method of execution of tattoo.

Learning outcomes:

  • how to create an abstract, avantgarde composition to create emotions
  • understand a tattoo's story
  • read the story of a tattoo and convert images
  • choose the elements to represent
  • create a balanced composition
  • the importance of read up
  • learn the symbols from the world
  • what are technically the essential points for a tattoo of this style
  • one of my tattoo: all the techniques and the materials that I use 

About Lady Sara
I'm a 32 years old Italian tattoo artist specialized in tatuage avant-garde d'elite .
I'm a vegan animal lover and I love read books.
I'm searching stories and good feelings to show .
In my art, searching to read stories about your own world and translate it in how I see it on my mind .

1-3 Lines and Colors - Emy B $50

Emy B SeminarI would like them to understand how I proceed when I draw lines and compose with colours ... and customers! I will support my presentation with step by step pictures in order to explain the different stages and matching skills.

About Emy B
French Tattoo artist for 15 years, owner of Blacksheep Tattoo.
Specialized in Strong lines,geomtric lines and colors.
Awarded in several tattoo conventions in Europe

5-6 Take care of your body, Take care of your business - Rachel Gonzalez $75

Rachel Gonzalez SeminarOur body is a tool just as much as our machines are a tool for creativity. In this seminar we explore sustainable ways of living to support our busy fully impact creative lives. Through learning more about nutrition enhancements such as superfoods and teas as a preventative for joint pain, and a support for clarity of the mind, and eye sight we can create longevity in our careers. Topics on quieting the mind, stretching and overall self care of the body will also be covered in this seminar. Learn more about your nervous system and how its supports our creativity and what we might do to create a support for this system. Artists will leave with the knowledge and tools to create a better day fro themselves. There will be recipes and sequences handed out for take home knowledge as well as links to videos to assist in a daily practice. 

Artists will leave with the knowledge and tools to create a better day fro themselves. There will be recipes and sequences handed out for take home knowledge as well as links to videos to assist in a daily practice. 

Rachel has been teaching yoga for 12 years, practicing meditation for 6. Vipassana influenced . She has been tattooing for 13.
I consider my art a mediation and I strive to bring all the lessons learned in yoga to my work. Finding balance focus and dedication to my art form

8-9 Open Disucssion panel - Open to the public. 

free discussion panel

9-10 Wishbone Zoe - Listen to some great tunes while meeting and greeting!


Flesh Tones Demystified Workshop with David Gluck May 27 to 29

May 27th 8-10 PM Drink and Draw with David Gluck! This open free draw will start off with a short seminar/leaded study with David. Then, drinking and drawing, some prizes given out, and then fun! (but not too late). 
May 28th - 29th 11-6 with 1 hour break.  (Sunday and Monday)  Early bird $200. $250 after October 31st. $300 after May 1st. Register here
Learn flesh colour theory through a series of simple palette exercises. Students will be given a logical way to interpret the complex colour transitions in skin with the help of a systematic palette set up. The colour theory behind this oil painting workshop is transferrable to other media.

David Gluck WorkshopDavid Gluck Workshop David Gluck workshop

David Gluck Workshop

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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