As you can see from the length of this article, the process of getting the perfect tattoo can be long and very involved. There are many different paths one could take in their own tattoo journey, and there are many important factors which demand careful consideration along the way. There are trials and tribulations, and even some pain or discomfort to endure before the entire process is complete. All of these things just serve to make the experience of getting the perfect tattoo fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful.

In writing this, we hope to educate the general public and those interested in tattoos, so that their experiences can be more rewarding and satisfying. We feel a strong responsibility as respected professionals in this industry to help spread positive information about the highest potentials of this amazing art-form, which has suffered from much negative publicity and social stigma in the past. We also feel a strong obligation to promote the highest standards and ethics within the tattoo community, from the tattoo artists to the tattoo collectors, in order to keep it moving forward and progressing. So thanks for reading this entire article--by doing so you have helped us with these goals, and hopefully you have helped yourself as well. We appreciate any feedback that you may have about this article, for possible future updates and revisions. Thanks again and good luck!

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(Regarding our use of the phrase 'the perfect tattoo:' Much of the information in this article is presented as the absolute ideal scenario from start to finish--not everyone's experiences or tattoos will live up to these lofty standards, because we're all human and in being so, we're far from perfect. This doesn't mean we shouldn't still try to make our tattoos and experiences getting them perfect, but if they don't quite measure up to that, it doesn't mean you or your artist failed, were stupid, or that you got ripped off. This article was written in the spirit of that quest for perfection, but with a firm acknowledgment of reality.)

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