Friday July 3, 2015

New England News: Walk in Saturday with Guest Artist Sorin Gabor!

Tomorrow is WALK IN SATURDAY! We are excited to be having a guest artist take walk ins for the first time since we started doing Walk in Saturday! Repeat guest artist Sorin Gabor will be at your disposal for walk ins tomorrow!

First walk in will be at 11:30 but we recommend showing up early if you want to grab the spot! People have started coming early and lines do form!

Please note- no existing tattoos. Must be pieces that can be started and finished in a single session. If you have any questions feel free to give us a ring! We look forward to seeing the tattoos that come in!


Thursday July 2, 2015

ITALY NEWS: dalla Nuova Zelanda Ŕ in arrivo a Cervignano MICHAEL HSIEH

Da domani 3 fino al 18 luglio 2015 in studio a Cervignano avrete la possibilitÓ di farvi tatuare da Michael Hsieh dalla Nuova Zelanda… Michael.

Michael Ŕ specializzato in realismo sia in Bianco & Nero che a colori, ma spesso ci aggiunge degli elementi in stile grafico che rendono singolare e unico ogni suo pezzo.

Per prenotare il vostro tattoo con Michael scrivete a:; info:

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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