Saturday July 19, 2014

Northwest News: Hot August Tattoos!!

Wowzers!!! Have you seen our guest artist roster for August? It's gonna be an exciting time around here, and some of these artists still have openings. So check out who's who and when they're coming below then give us a call to book your appointment ASAP!

Henrick Grysberg - August 4-10


Justin Hartman - August 6-8


Ian White - August 12-16


Tony Adamson - August 13-16


Tim Senecal - August 19-23


Picasso Dular - August 24-30



Friday July 18, 2014

New England News: Mark Your Calendar for the Return of Pint Size Paintings!

We couldn't be more excited to announce Durb Morrison's, Pint Sized Paintings Volume 2 Exhibit will be coming to Off the Map Tattoo on October 25! Pint Size Paintings is the world's largest collection of unique miniature masterpieces from artists around the globe.

The newest compilation included art from- Filip Leu, Loretta Leu, Titine Leu, Nick Baxter, Ajja Leu, Tanina Munchkina, Matthieu K. Leu, Oleg Turyanskiy, James Kern, Durb Morrison, Chad Sinkhorn, Chris Beck, Christa Zurich, Dominic Holmes, Hiro Hayashi, Kevin Stress, Richard Cook, Ian McKown, Shawn Will, Caryl Cunningham, Nathan Bauer, Amber M. Slick, Esra Skulls, Mick Tattoo, Susannah Griggs, Dan Henk, Ron Russo, Scott Santee, Sean Herman, Adam Schnur, Melissa Fusco, Michael Gilbert, A Stattmiller, Barbie Frudakis, Ben Her, Benjamin Duarte, Berk Visual, Brad Nugent, Canman, Danny Fugate, Darin Slavik, Seige, David Goodwin, Eddie Bonacore, Edwin Vazquez, Erika Jaynes, Frankie Curran, George Scharfenberg, Jamie Cross, Jamie Parker, Joe King, John Lloid, John M Lally, J ORourke, Julio Rodriguez, Justin Garcia, Justin Whitehouse, Kelly Corwon, Kim Bowers, Kristen Flaherty, Leo Olivarez, Matthew Adams, Matt Truiano, Mike Ashworth, M Kerley, Nate Marti, Nathan Bauer, Nathan Petz, Nick Chai Chang, Nick Wilcox, Perry Stratton, Pony, , Robert D Harris, Ron Rich, Shane Strout, Shey, Smash, Spiro Kambitsis, Steve Phipps, Tyler Kinnaman, Victor Modafferi, Vinnie Realm, Jamie MacPherson, Jason Stephan, John Paul Seger, John C. Cummings, Kelly Jo Shows, Aaron Odell, Gunnar Quispe Sanjines, Kurt Windish, Ben Boling, Anthony Davis, Kat Marie Moya, Jersey Nicolardi, Abril Andrade Griffith, Adam Fox, David Ruiz, Jerrid Rodriguez, Ben Karner, Thad Minnick, Steve Wishnewski, Joey Martin, Tracy Nicole, Atom, John Lloid, Kristen Flaherty, Jason Vogt, Ricky Cavaness, Elie Hammond, J.P. Decker, Maximilian Rothert, Rusty, Annabelle Headlam, Sorin Gabor, Toby Gehrlich, Joey Foote, Christopher Wynn, Jesse Vardaro, Dennis Kirsch, Jamie Bollerud, Andrea Baker, Joshua Wiley, Aia Leu, Ashley Owens, Dave Barton, Ben Licata, Dimitri HK, Jesse Smith, Luke Atkinson, Blaise, Leon, Jens Schnettler.

Even though the paintings are small, Pint Sized Painting is a big project. You can Purchase Volume 1 here, and there is even a FREE Pint Sized Paintings App in the iTunes store!

Rumor has it there will be more exciting happenings that weekend, so mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details! Until then, check out the video from when Pint Sized Paintings Volume 1 visited Off the Map!


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