Tuesday August 25, 2015

New England News: Come and see the Grand Canyon!

Its that time again people, Turbo Tuesday News! You know who's awesome? Canyon, Canyon Web is awesome! Big C comes to us all the way from Oregon from 9/4 to 9/6 and man are we pumped look at his work!

His lines are on point, literally. He has some availability so if you wanna get tattooed by this man call the shop at 413-527-6574 or fill out our Online Form! Thats all I got for you this weekend ladies and gents so until next time, stay awesome possum.

Monday August 24, 2015

Northwest News: Now Booking: Laura Jade!

<p>As of December 1st, <a href="">Laura Jade</a> will be a full-time <a href="">resident artist</a> here in <a href="">Grants Pass!</a>&nbsp;Laura Jade is currently located in Portland at Silver Quill Tattoo and will be moving to the Rogue Valley/Grants Pass area for December!</p>

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<p>We are absolutely elated, and are looking forward to having <a href="">her</a> here with us in just a short couple of months! We have started taking deposits and appointments for <a href="">her</a> December schedule, so if you are interested in booking with <a href="!collection/c1p9k">her</a> she is asking that you send <a href="">her</a> an <a href=";body=I'm%20interested%20in%20booking%20an%20appointment%20with%20you%20when%20you%20arrive%20at%20Off%20The%20Map%20Tattoo%20in%20Grants%20Pass!%20">email for a consultation</a> while she is transitioning and then once you&#39;ve done an email consultation you can give us a call (541) 244-1141 and we will book your appointment for you!</p>

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