Tuesday July 29, 2014

New England News: Take your time to think about itů

Its that time again ladies and germs, Tuesday News! So we all probably know someone that is coming of age and reeeeeeeaaaaallllly wants a tattoo. Great! We want to give you one! What we need to talk about is regret. Encourage tattoo virgins to get tattoos that will still hold meaning 10 years from now. The last thing we as artist want is for them to look at their Sponge Bob tattoo and think "gee golly whitaker, I really loathe this porous creature staring back at me from the mirror every day!" Friends don't let friends get bad tattoos! Save some flesh ladies and gents, and as always stay awesome possum!

Monday July 28, 2014

Northwest News: Henrik Grysbjerg Next Week

Off the Map Tattoo Northwest is excited to welcome Henrik Grysbjerg to Oregon.  Henrik will be our guest from August 4-10.  This will be Henrik's first guest spot with us.  Don't miss your opportunity to be tattooed by an amazing international guest artist.

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